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ldms_client installation

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Run the downloaded LDMS_Client-Setup.exe installer program on the core server or any workstation machine that can access the ldlogon directory on the LANDesk core server.  This will install ldms_client_install.exe, Config_ldms_client.exe, AppImport.xml and ldms_client.ini to the Program Files\droppedpackets\ldms_client directory.  To get the agent out to all machines refer to “Client Installation” later in this document, as there is now an automatic way to deploy ldms_client_install.exe to all systems.


Run Configure_ldms_client.exe for initial configuration.

Note that by default the ldms_client.ini file that you are editing is local to the machine you installed LDMS_Client-Setup.exe to.  If not your first time editing or if you’d like to edit an ldms_client.ini on the core already, browse to that file:

The first thing to edit is the LANDesk Core Server Name or IP address on the Setup Tasks tab.

Now make your choices on the other tabs.  When done either click the “Write to INI” button or click “OK”.  If you click “Write to INI”, it will only update the ini file that is specified in the path at the top of the window, and if that path is not the core server, you’ll need to click the “Copy LDMS_Client.ini to the Core Server LDLogon share” button on the Setup Tasks tab, or click “OK” and follow the prompts.

Once the ldms_client.ini file is copied to the ldlogon directory on the core, it will be automatically downloaded to each client every time the core server is available during an inventory scan and ldms_client.exe runs.  Therefore you’ll only have to maintain one ldms_client.ini file for all clients.

With LDMS 9.0 and later, the database schema is locked down.  Therefore you’ll need to scan a few machines into the database with ldms_client.ini configured and then approve those attributes to be included in Inventory, run another inventory scan and then they will show up in the console under each machine.  To approve the additional attributes:

1.      Login to the LANDesk 32-bit console on the core server.
2.      Click on Configure -> Services and go to the Inventory tab
3.      Click on the Unknown Items button and approve all attributes you want to allow

Client Installation

The ldms_client_install.exe contains, ldms_client.exe, ldms_client.ini (a default do nothing ini file), ldscnhlp.ini, MappedDrives.exe, ldms_reg_reader.exe.  In order to distribute this to all machines you can click on the “Import LDMS_Client_Install.exe for Distribution in LDMS” or click “OK” and follow the prompts.

When importing or following the prompts after clicking “OK”, a new software distribution package will be created on the core server under “Distribution Packages” called Deploy ldms_client to machines – username.  You can then schedule this package to the systems you want just like any other package.  By default the installation is SILENT and it will run ldms_client.exe /configini automatically after the install to configure the LDSCNHLP.INI properly for 32-bit and 64-bit OS, so the next time inventory is taken on that machine it will run the correct custom scanner.

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  1. ryechz
    March 14th, 2011 at 20:05 | #1

    Jack, please note that when running Configure_ldms_client.exe from a Windows 2008/2008 R2 core server, you will need to run Configure_ldms_client.exe under an elevated user context. When the configure program autolaunches after install it fails to copy the files to the appropriate ldmain and ldlogon directories. You have to close the program and relaunch it by right clicking it and choosing to Run as Administrator.

    You may want to include this tidbit in your instructions.

  2. adrian78
    July 12th, 2012 at 13:21 | #2


    I’ve been having problems getting this to work on our core server. We running Server 2003 and LDMS v8.8. I have installed LDMS_Client on the core server, configure to search for NSF files but when I click on Import LDMS_Client_Setup.exe for Distribution in LDMS, I get this error:
    File Copy Faild
    Make sure permissions to LDMain\exportablequeue are correct, or manually copy AppImport.xml to exportablequeue!

    AppImport.xml missing from ldms_client_core.exe directory

    Am i doing something wrong? Please let me know.
    Thanks, Adrian

  3. grimmda
    July 25th, 2012 at 23:10 | #3

    Hmmm everything is working for me except the package creation part. it SAYS its creating it successfully… but nothing happens. I wonder if this is a 9.0SP3 issue…

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